As we start the new school year, most schools are continuing with at least some virtual learning. We know this comes with many challenges. We're here to help.

In order to support you as you navigate virtual learning with your students, the experts at Insight Education Group have developed a series of workshops to equip educators with the appropriate ideas, tools, connections, and conversations to ensure the success of both adults and students.

What to Expect 

  • 90-minute, interactive sessions
  • Practical ideas that can be implemented immediately
  • Collaboration with other educators

The Details 

  • Sessions are offered via live Zoom meetings.
  • Click under each session description below to see available dates and times. Note: all times are listed in eastern time.
  • The "Maximizing Virtual Learning" sessions are listed in the suggested order of completion. Although it’s not necessary to follow this order, the topics are designed to build upon the previous session in terms of complexity and specificity.
  • Cost is $59 per session and includes a workbook.

Questions? Please contact Victoria Kennedy at [email protected].

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Meeting the Needs of All Students 

Equity Check: Identifying and Serving Our Most Vulnerable Learners
This session is geared towards district and building leaders. COVID-19 has magnified the inequities existing in our current model of schooling for students of color, those in poverty, those with exceptionalities, and those who are difficult to engage. As district and building leaders undertake the critical work of restarting, recovering, and reimagining their instructional program, they must take care not to further disadvantage certain groups of students. Join this session to explore how and where to look for such inequities in your district or school and identify initial steps to address them.

Building Relationships in a Virtual World
Purposeful relationship building is essential to the academic success of our students in the COVID-19 environment. As educators, we must be prepared to facilitate interactions among students, families, and colleagues that foster positive relationships. In this session, participants will explore and experience a variety of strategies that will enhance their efforts to build these crucial relationships.

Supporting the Needs of Diverse Learners
Children come to us with varying backgrounds, skills, and needs. While support measures and interventions will look different in the virtual context, it is critical to consider how to build in both the key academic and social-emotional supports to maximize outcomes for all students. Participants in this session will examine high-leverage practices that support the needs of diverse learners in the virtual classroom and will have the opportunity to plan for practical application.

Applying SEL in a COVID-19 Environment
This session is in partnership with Clemson University's ThinkShops. We believe that all humans need to feel accepted, need a place to belong, and need to know they matter. This culture is fostered by using SEL approaches that draw out and build on assets that facilitate understanding and learning. Join us for this exciting workshop that meets the challenges of today and builds hope for tomorrow. In this workshop, participants will experience impactful and adaptable strategies that support student and adult well-being.

Maximizing Virtual Learning 

101: Building an Engaging Virtual Learning Environment
The sudden move from our classrooms to our homes left educators worried about our students’ ability to learn in a virtual environment. Join this session to learn how to alter your teaching routine to fit a virtual environment and to explore the resources, tools, and structures that help encourage student learning independence.

201: Putting Learners at the Center of the Process
It is widely accepted that "students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Many of the traditional ways we connect with students, such as body language and facial expressions, only work when we are in the same room. The sudden shift to virtual learning left us feeling disconnected from our students. Join this session and learn how to build powerful virtual  learning communities by making small adjustments.

301: Managing, Supporting, and Assessing Learning
You’re likely effective at establishing your presence in a traditional classroom; however, the virtual classroom provides some unique challenges. Join this session to explore resources and structures to develop a virtual presence with your students and to effectively manage the learning environment. You will also learn about ways to help identify learning loss and then to remedy that loss through targeted and differentiated student support.

401: Ensuring Rigor in a Virtual Environment
As educators, we know how to ask questions, lead whole-group discussions, and engage students. But doing so in a virtual environment can prove a little more challenging. Join this session to learn how to lead discussions that foster critical 21st century skills in a virtual classroom.

Supporting and Coaching Virtual Instruction

*These sessions are geared towards instructional coaches, building leaders, and anyone who supports teachers*

Supporting Effective Instruction in a Virtual Environment with Calibration
The pandemic has exponentially increased the need for teacher support as teachers plan and deliver instruction in the virtual environment. In this session, participants will examine the need to calibrate on effective virtual instruction as well as explore tools and strategies that will enhance teacher support in this new environment.

Utilizing Actionable Feedback to Support Rigorous Virtual Instruction
Although there may be many  methods of delivering instruction today, the need to  provide  effective coaching support becomes even more  crucial. In this  session, participants will focus on the collection of actionable evidence and then how to use that actionable  evidence to structure  collaborative and effective coaching conversation.

Creating a Culture of Feedback in the Virtual Setting
In this session, participants will explore the importance of building a culture that utilizes feedback to support teacher growth. Participants will practice using actionable evidence to structure and conduct  an effective collaborative coaching conversation in the virtual  environment.


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